Aerial view of Lincoln campus

UNMC Lincoln

Nebraska’s capital city is the ultimate college town. Intimate and vivacious, it’s a great place to spend your young adulthood … but don’t be surprised if it becomes a permanent home. The Lincoln division of the UNMC College of Nursing is located on the main campus of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. UNMC's  College of Dentistry is located on UNL's East Campus.

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Aerial view of Nebraska State Capitol

Nebraska State Capitol

The business of governing is conducted by an only-in-Nebraska unicameral legislature, within a beautiful, historic venue first completed in 1932.

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Pinnacle Bank Arena


Museums, parks, a children’s zoo and a spanking-new arena that hosts show biz’s biggest touring acts make Lincoln a town with lots to see and do.

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Aerial view of Memorial Football Stadium


University of Nebraska-Lincoln athletics are the heartbeat of the state. Minor-league baseball and hockey attract fervent crowds. And trails, parks, golf courses and facilities abound.

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