Campus Tours

Come experience. Come see. Our UNMC community. Follow us on this virtual tour and get a glimpse of what makes UNMC special.

Video Transcript

UNMC is committed to providing a closer look at UNMC to those who may be considering a health profession or who just want to gain a greater understanding of UNMC’s role in improving the health of our citizenry.

Potential Students

Students interested in a specific profession at UNMC are welcome to contact that program or college directly for information or a potential tour.

Nursing: Call (402) 559-4110 or email. More information about Nursing.

Dentistry: Call (402) 472-1479 or email. More information about Dentistry.

Medicine: Call (402) 559-2259 or email. More information about Medicine.

Public Health: Email. More information about Public Health, including about the college’s annual open house.

Pharmacy: Call 402-559-4333 or email. More information about Pharmacy.

Allied Health Professions: Email. See information about Allied Health Professions and  more tour opportunities.

Graduate Studies: Call 402-559-4476 or email. More information about Graduate Studies.