Chancellor's Board of Counselors

The UNMC Chancellor’s Board of Counselors is a statewide citizen advisory group charged with two major responsibilities.

First, members serve as “ambassadors” for UNMC. They learn about our world-class programs and share this knowledge with others at every opportunity. Second, they provide  advice and counsel to UNMC leaders in a number of areas. What are we doing right or wrong? What should our priorities be? How can we better tell the “UNMC story”?

Members of the Board of Counselors are committed to helping UNMC foster relationships and engagement opportunities throughout the state. These come in many forms, such as arranging a local speaking engagement for the Chancellor, acting as an advocate for UNMC, or attending a regional Board of Counselor’s meeting with the Chancellor.

Four-Year Terms

Board of Counselor members and their guests or spouses are invited to two meetings each year. A reception and dinner follow. Members serve four-year terms of office and can serve no more than two consecutive terms.

Jon Abegglen, Kearney Mary Abel, Lincoln
Connie Adams, Broken Bow Kathryn Hawkins Anderson, Omaha
Preeta Bansal, Lincoln Barbara Bartle, Lincoln
Matthew “Matt” T. Bergmeyer, Lincoln Charlie Bills, Lincoln
Ann Bird, Omaha Susan Bockrath, Lincoln
Sara Boyd, Omaha Anne Brandt, Lincoln
David Briggs, Alliance Jill M. Brodersen, Wayne
Howard W. Buffett, Omaha Margaret Cavanaugh-Boyer, MD, Mullen
Rev. Portia A. Cavitt, Omaha Bill Cintani, Lincoln
Sean M. Conway, J.D., Omaha Theola Cooper, Omaha
Joyce A. Cooper, Omaha Marian Davenport, Valentine
N.P. “Sandy” Dodge IV, Omaha Weysan Dun, Omaha, vice chair
Howard Epstein, Omaha Brian Esch, McCook
Viv L. Ewing, PhD, Omaha Michael J. Flood, Norfolk
Peg Gilbert, Grand Island Anthony L. Goins, Lincoln
Gail Graeve, Omaha Marilyn Hadley, Kearney
Nadine K. Hagedorn, Omaha Charles Harris, Omaha
Ben Harris, Lincoln Kellie R. Harry, Omaha
Mike Hecker, Seward Thomas “Tom” Henning, Kearney
Jon Hinrichs, MD, Lincoln Chris L. Hochstetler, Hastings
Joseph H. Hodges, Jr., LaVista Mary Ann “Andy” Holland, Omaha
Amy Holthus, York Stephen L. Isom, Valentine
Michael E. Jones, David City, chair Emiliano Lerda, Omaha
Nuzhat Mahmood, Omaha Ann Z. Martin, Doniphan
Megan M. Massey, Scottsbluff Margertha McLean-Artis, Gretna
Kenny McMorris, Omaha Jessica Meeske, DDS, Hastings
Cindy L. Morris, Lincoln Susan Norton, Omaha
Dan O'Neill, North Platte Holly Ostergard
Daniel Padilla, Omaha Judy L. Pederson, North Platte
Joseph V. Petty III, MD, Lincoln Alice Quick, Grand Island
Phil Raimondo, Columbus Evie Ranslem-Parsons, Sidney
Darren Robinson, Kearney Ariel Roblin, Omaha
Shelley R. Sahling-Zart, Lincoln Rita Sanders, Bellevue
Doug Schroder, Omaha Charles Sederstrom Jr., Omaha
Bryan Shank, Lincoln Sergio Sosa, Omaha
John Spatz, Lincoln Tanya Storer, Whitman
Kathleen "Kate" Sullivan, Cedar Rapids Bryan Tuma, Lincoln
Richard Webb, Omaha Bob Whitehouse, Papillion
Judy Wilcox, Lincoln Susan K. Williams, Gothenburg
Bob Wolfson, Omaha