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Promotion & Tenure

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It’s never too early to start preparing for a promotion.

When you advance in your academic rank and/or receive tenure (continuous appointment), it is proof of your outstanding achievements and personal growth. In order to achieve these goals, you should begin preparing for advancement as soon as possible, ideally when you first start at UNMC.

To make the promotion and tenure process as easy as possible, it is a good idea to create and add to your portfolio as you go along. That way you don't have to remember — and find — all your achievements in scholarship and research, teaching, service and patient care when you go to submit your application.

Also, it's important to know your particular college/institution's guidelines and deadlines, as they can vary by area.

Tip: All documentation for the upcoming promotion cycle must be received in Academic Services by March 17, 2023.

Promotion & Tenure Process