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Navigate your career path with the help of a mentor.

Mentoring plays a key role in both personal and professional development — both for the mentee and for the mentor. Because we all continue to learn and grow, having a mentor is a necessity no matter where you are in your career.

At UNMC, we are dedicated to the mentoring of our faculty members and ensuring you succeed, whether you are the one receiving or providing the guidance. We help match mentees and mentors based on common interests for career development — or provide you with the tools you need to establish your own match.

Importance of Mentoring

Tips for establishing a successful departmental or college mentoring program

Adequate infrastructure within each area is key to support mentoring activities, and leadership should be role models on mentoring and encourage mentor and mentee participation.

The rewards from mentoring should be visible through:

  • The promotion and tenure process
  • The selection of best mentors
  • Annual performance evaluations
  • Awarding of sufficient time to mentors for their meetings with their mentees
  • Recognition for mentors and mentees
Email Faculty Affairs if you have questions on how to set up a mentoring program in your area.