Ombuds Team

Important Contacts

Ombuds Team Hotline

Faculty/Employee Ombudsperson

Susan Swindells, MBBS
Professor, College of Medicine
402-559-8201 | Email

Student/Employee Ombudsperson

David Carver, PhD
Director, Counseling & Student Development Center
Licensed Psychologist
402-559-7276 | Email

Remember, all consultations informal, confidential and free-of-charge.

The Ombuds Team are impartial, confidential consultants who help UNMC faculty, staff and students resolve conflicts informally as an alternative to filing a formal complaint. The team helps with a wide variety of problems, especially those concerns that are confusing, complicated, upsetting, or not being adequately addressed through regular university channels.

An Ombudsperson can help you by:

Consultations are informal, private and free-of-charge. Ombudspersons have been designated for faculty/employees and students/employees, but you can talk with either one. 

 For more information about how the team can help you, visit the Ombuds Team website. Or, call the Ombuds Team Hotline at 402-559-2491.