Open Nebraska Textbooks


Open Nebraska at UNMC:

UNMC’s commitment to student affordability via free and reduced-cost digital course materials

Helping students save money

Collaborative efforts for utilizing Open Educational Resources (OER) and Inclusive First Day Access eBook programs have saved NU students over $6 million as of the Spring 2021.

The goal is to save NU students $10 million by 2023 through this program.

The University of Nebraska is committed to student affordability by supporting faculty in adopting free or reduced-cost digital course materials in their courses. 

How "Open Nebraska" Works 

The Leon S. McGoogan Health Sciences Library, Academic Technologies and Academic Affairs support the use of low-cost materials where possible.

Faculty who have indicated that they use no-cost or low-cost materials or a low-cost e-books will be contacted prior to the start of each semester to confirm their course materials selection and that the course will be designated as part of the Open Nebraska affordability initiative.

Additional Resources

For more information about Open Nebraska at UNMC, contact: