University of Nebraska Medical Center

Science of Learning

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Join us in exploring how health care students learn and how we can optimize learning for all.

The Science of Learning interest group is interested in gaining an appreciation for and supporting the purposeful application of the knowledge garnered from cognitive theory, adult learning and memory research to health care professions education.

Members of the group may collaborate in various areas based on interest. Potential topics include:

  • Building connections between purposeful teaching and meaningful learning 
  • Engaging in the design and implementation of learning innovations 
  • Using cognitive neuroscience principles to improve instructional methodologies 
  • Developing activities for faculty and staff about the science of learning 

If you are interested in joining the group, please email the Academy for more information.


Dr. Keely Cassidy

Keely Cassidy, PhD — Co-Chair
Assistant Professor
Genetics, Cell Biology & Anatomy
College of Medicine

Dr. Laurey Steinke

Laurey Steinke, PhD — Co-Chair
Associate Professor
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
College of Medicine