University of Nebraska Medical Center

Journal Clubs

Students and faculty in the UNMC BMI program are dedicated to continual learning and and remaining current with constant advances. Journal clubs provide an opportunity for students to explore and present current research to a small group of peers. Faculty attend to provide further insights from their experience. These meetings help students and faculty see beyond their individual research and potentially glean new ideas or techniques to improve or expand this research. All students and faculty from across campus are welcome to attend.

Clinical and Translational Informatics Journal Club

The Clinical and Translational Informatics Journal Club provides a forum for graduate students, clinicians, and researchers at UNMC, UNO, and our partners to discuss recent advances in clinical informatics within Nebraska and beyond. The Journal Club meets monthly and focuses on clinical and translational informatics and cutting-edge research in peripheral areas.  The Journal Club will meet the third Friday of the month from 12-1pm.  Zoom access will be available.

Contact Jerrod Anzalone for details.