University of Nebraska Medical Center

Research Council

The Internal Medicine Research Council is a group that was created as a result of a departmental strategic planning session. The research council consists of individual representation from each of the divisions within the Department of Internal Medicine. The Internal Medicine vice chair for research leads the research council.

The research council administers the following Internal Medicine activities:

  • Oversight of the Internal Medicine Annual Research Awards nomination and selection process: Career Excellence in Research, Clinical Research Award, Basic Science Research Award, Fellowship Research Award, Postdoctoral Research Award, Resident Research Award, Medical Student Research Award, Daughton Research Award, and Laureate Award for a Visiting Scientist.
  • Investigate mechanisms to increase grant funding aimed at clinical research and basic science research within the department.
  • Integrate the PhD faculty, residents, and fellows to address issues that are research oriented.
  • Serve as a group to review grants/manuscripts on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Review applications to Internal Medicine's Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) and Summer Undergraduate Alcohol Research Program (SUARP).
  • Highlight opportunities for grants, awards, and foundations to apply for grants.


Current members:

Research Council Vice Chair

Vice Chair of Research, Department of Internal Medicine
Professor, Division of Nephrology
Nephrology Associate Chief of Research


Dr. Roslyn Bernstein Mannon