Information security will offer training on cybersecurity

February 22, 2021

UNMC and Nebraska Medicine's IT department is working to help medical center colleagues counter cyberattacks.

Many organizations are falling prey to increasingly sophisticated attacks by cybercriminals. These attacks can lead to the loss of valuable information and assets, as well as cause damage to an organization's reputation.

To strengthen UNMC and Nebraska Medicine's security posture and educate employees about cyber threats, the medical center's information security team will conduct a series of ongoing security awareness assessments and training assignments.

"Formal education is critical to learning the best practices and skills necessary to identify and avoid cybersecurity threats and risky behaviors," said Lisa Bazis, chief information security officer. "The training assignments we send will introduce employees to key concepts and allow them to practice decision-making."

This new Cybersecurity Training program will:

  • Change risky end-user behaviors;
  • Promote a more digital safety culture that will help reduce help desk calls for people that fall for phishing emails and have their accounts disabled;
  • Result in less compromised devices from users that fall for phishing.

Colleagues who fail real and simulated phishing attempts will be assigned this security education training. They will receive an email notification from with instructions on how to access the Security Education Training app. Additionally, Information Security will send out two reminder emails to the end users of training due.

Assignees will be asked to go to the UNMC App Store or Nebraska Medicine App Store and use the "Security Education Training" app to complete assigned trainings. The information security team will send out notification emails to the end-users from "" with instructions on how to access the Security Education Training app. Additionally, information security will send out two reminder emails to the end-users of training due.

"Cybersecurity awareness is crucial to any organization, but especially an enterprise such as ours," Bazis said. "Our information security team has designed these trainings to help our colleagues protect themselves and the enterprise from these increasingly sophisticated attacks."


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Jen Bredehoft
February 22, 2021 at 3:10 PM

Thank you!

Laurey Steinke
February 22, 2021 at 11:27 AM

Thank you for making this targeted training!