Recent Information Technology survey will guide improvements

by Melissa Hoeman, Nebraska Medicine | September 21, 2021

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The medical center's Innovation value encourages each member of the med center community constantly to search for a better way.

The Information Technology (IT) team is doing just that and using the latest input from the community to drive transformational change.

The annual survey, conducted from May through June, found 86% of the organization was satisfied or very satisfied with the IT services they received. IT leadership appreciates everyone who provided feedback, which is representative of the enterprise and included:

  • 2,428 total respondents  
  • 48% UNMC, 52% Nebraska Medicine with responses from all colleges/institutes/areas    
  • 54% identified as staff/administration, 20% as clinical, 14% as faculty, 8% as students and 4% as researchers    

"I am very pleased with the high response rate and the overall satisfaction level," said Michael Ash, MD, vice chancellor of information and technology for UNMC and executive vice president-chief transformation officer for Nebraska Medicine. "It is so important that we hear your voice and continue to look for ways to improve."  

While the responses show that most colleagues are happy with IT services, the results are lower than a year ago. Brian Lancaster, vice president-chief information officer, said that after looking more closely at the data, it is clear that overall satisfaction was impacted by the events of the last 18 months, which included:  

  • Rapid pivot to remote work
  • Cyber event and associated changes    
  • Help desk not keeping up to provide timely support    

In looking for opportunities for improvement, the results fall into three main categories:  

  • More efficient processes to introduce new technology  
  • Improved communications  
  • Better customer service  

IT is already acting based on this feedback. Efforts include:

  • Launching new processes associated with technology requests, namely the management committees and Architecture Review Board  
  • Enhancing communications by standing up an IT daily shout out, email notifications, a renewed approach to engaging Information Custodians, providing project dashboards and launching an IT tips and tricks video series  
  • Improving customer service by adding additional support resources, offering a pilot program for IT consultations and providing all staff, faculty and students with access to additional training

"We will continue to work with colleagues and committees across the organization to find innovative ways to make IT services better," Lancaster said. "We know that technology has a big impact on your workday, and we want to be sure we’re making things as easy and reliable as possible."

A summary report of the survey can be found here by members of the UNMC community.