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Lookin’ at U – Ryan Shaw

Each Thursday, we randomly feature a medical center employee.

This week, we learn more about Ryan Shaw, web graphic designer in the department of public relations.

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Ryan Shaw
  • Name: Ryan Shaw
  • Hometown: Born in Pittsburgh, raised in Omaha
  • Number of years at UNMC: 3(ish)

What is your best memory from your time at UNMC?

A couple years ago we held a video contest called “I Love UNMC.” To jump start the contest, we made a video to use as an example. Naturally, this video was about gnomes. Watching Tom O’Connor look me dead in the eyes with as serious of a face as I’ve ever seen to tell me there are gnomes on campus that chop up ice and pull rope for the elevators was absolutely ridiculous. I bet we did 37 takes due to my inability to refrain from laughing. Right then I knew I’d have no problem fitting in.

Our four brand values are leadership, commitment to excellence, working together and being a trusted resource. Pick one and tell us a time you witnessed it embodied at UNMC.

Push-ups for Haiti was a great example of people from all over campus coming together for a great cause. I was blown away not only by how many people were able to participate, but also by the incredible enthusiasm they displayed while throwing down. It was a blast watching a simple idea turn into such a successful event almost overnight.

List three things people may not know about you.

  • I met Robert Redford when I was younger. I called him a “doodie head.” I haven’t heard from him since.
  • I have now had three variations of the nickname “PT.” During my early days in high school it stood for “Phat Thug.” A good fit, I know. Later on in high school, via track, it transformed into “Prime Time.” Just last year it was “Public Transportation” because my car was stolen from my work parking lot. I think my favorite is “Public Transportation” because it helped me buy a new car.
  • For my first date with my now wife we went to dinner at Culver’s, saw the movie “Hot Chick” and ended the night by running over and destroying her parent’s recycling bin. That was eight years ago and I still question how I was able to score a second date.


  1. Wayne Stuberg says:

    Ryan, since our daughter ran into the garage door twice while learning to drive, knocking it off the track, we thought running over the recycling bin made you both a match made in heaven. Your Father-in-Law,

  2. Marge Piper says:

    Love your sense of humor…and the great work you do !!

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