Promoting your science: the art of the elevator pitch

Vice Chancellor for Research Jennifer Larsen, M.D.

Vice Chancellor for Research Jennifer Larsen, M.D.

You’ve just entered an elevator on campus, and the door is slowly closing. All of a sudden, a hand pops through the opening, and Chancellor Jeffrey P. Gold, M.D., appears, trying to catch a ride on the elevator with you.

Now, stuck on the elevator with the leader of the UNMC campus, you notice he reaches out that same hand and says, “Hi, I’m Dr. Gold. What do you do here?”

Have you prepared what you say next?

Join Vice Chancellor for Research Jennifer Larsen, M.D., on Oct. 31 at the Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center, Room 0.12.103, to learn how to develop your “Elevator Pitch” and to be able to handle this very situation. The session runs from 9 to 11 a.m.

As part of Innovation and Research Month in October, Dr. Larsen will present tips for preparing a 30-second, 60-second and five-minute summary of your current research when talking to the public (or Dr. Gold). During this workshop, learn simple steps for crafting these summaries and get an opportunity for personal preparation and practice on the delivery with others at the event.

Registration for this workshop is required, and can be completed by filling out this online form. This event is open to all campuses and, while it would be best viewed in person (to get the opportunity to prepare and practice your “pitch”), will be live-streamed online during the event.

For more information regarding live-streaming and to learn about other events being held this month, visit the 2017 Innovation and Research Month web page.