1-Check UNMC now available for Android and Apple iOS

1-Check UNMC — the COVID-19 self-screening app created exclusively for the University of Nebraska Medical Center community – now is available for Android and for Apple iOS users. Its use will be required on key UNMC campus locations.

Students, faculty, and staff can download the free Android version on the Google Play store to self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms.

The free iOS app with the same functionality was previously approved by Apple on the iTunes store and also is available at no cost with full functionality on the web.

We are very grateful to the thousands of students, faculty, staff and campus guests who are currently using the iOS and web versions to self-screen and enhance campus safety. Several important health and safety decisions have already been facilitated by this self-screening process. This expansion to the Android platform welcomes many other mobile device users.

Given the recent pattern of community COVID-19 transmission, our UNMC students, faculty, and staff are asked to use the 1-Check app to self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms daily, especially if they plan on being physically present on campus. They must refrain from coming to campus if they (or someone in their living space) are sick, or if their 1-Check UNMC app results advise them to do so or to obtain follow-up information.

The app includes campus-specific information on how individuals should proceed based on their COVID-19 screening response. It also allows the UNMC Office of Health Security to identify health trends based on the types of symptoms that are being reported and help make important plans to continue to support campus health and wellbeing.

The app was developed by medical and public health experts at UNMC, and computer science and computer engineering students within the Walter Scott, Jr. Scholarship program at UNO.

The team included Rod Markin, M.D., Ph.D., associate vice chancellor for business development at UNMC and director of UNeTech; the UNMC Department of Emergency Medicine’s Michael Wadman, M.D., Thang Nguyen and Wes Zeger, D.O.; and UNO’s Harnoor Singh, director of student development for the Scott Scholars Program, as well as UNO Scott Scholars Grayson Stanton, Keegan Brown and Carly Cameron.