New EZStudio offers simplified video recording

A new resource for video recording has opened on the sixth floor of the Leon S. McGoogan Health Sciences Library. The EZStudio is a simplified video recording setup that allows users to create polished videos with a click of a mouse.

The EZStudio includes a video camera, microphone, ceiling-mounted lights, presentation monitor, green screen, gray screen and a light board. The equipment is already set up and configured, which allows users to immediately develop their videos; no previous recording experience is required.

“Video needs are increasing, and we want to ensure UNMC and Nebraska Medicine have the resources they need to create polished materials, in addition to the services currently offered by E-Learning. The EZStudio provides tools for self-service, quality video development – at the users’ convenience. After an initial appointment with the E-learning team, users will be able to record when their schedule allows,” said Peggy Moore, director of e-learning, which administers the EZStudio.

The EZStudio is available for use by all UNMC faculty, staff and students, as well as Nebraska Medicine, and for a variety of purposes. Faculty and staff can create videos for online instruction, research paper presentations, lecture recordings, e-learning modules, or videos for recruitment, training or professional development. Students and residents can use the studio for interview videos, presentation practice for class or conferences, or e-portfolio materials or video assignments.

Many people use the EZStudio setup and green screen in conjunction with Zoom, Moore explained, because no postproduction is needed. “E-Learning has created several virtual background options that feature educational, clinical and research imagery. These options ensure you have copyright compliant, high-quality images,” she said.

“The EZStudio is a key investment in developing educational resources in support of UNMC’s mission,” said Dele Davies, MD, senior vice chancellor for academic affairs. “While the studio’s inception occurred long before the COVID-19 pandemic, it will prove especially effective in the transition to remote learning and digital experiences. The EZStudio is an essential tool in ensuring UNMC continues to lead the world in educational excellence.”

In addition to overseeing the newly created EZStudio, E-Learning has moved to its permanent location on the sixth floor of the McGoogan Library. The E-Learning Lab features improved work areas with updated equipment, an audio recording room, and experienced educational technologists and instructional designers.

“We are excited to be part of the expanded resources made possible by the McGoogan Library renovation and Dean Emily McElroy,” Moore said. “E-Learning’s close proximity to the EZStudio, Faculty Commons, research librarians, and study rooms ensures UNMC faculty and students have centralized resources to support their educational needs.”

Visit the EZStudio website for more information on video recording options and to schedule a consultation.


  1. Stacie Hamel says:

    Congratulations to Peggy Moore and the e-learning and library teams. This is a great resource for campus!

  2. Emily McElroy says:

    It has been great working with Peggy and her entire team as they’ve created a great vision for their spaces.

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