Outstanding Faculty Mentor of Graduate Students: Rakesh Singh, PhD

Rakesh Singh, PhD

Rakesh Singh, PhD

Rakesh Singh, PhD, of the UNMC Department of Pathology and Microbiology, will receive the Outstanding Faculty Mentor of Graduate Students at the annual faculty meeting, which will be held virtually through Zoom at 3 p.m. today.

Dr. Gold to address faculty

UNMC Chancellor Jeffrey P. Gold, MD, will give his annual address to the faculty, titled “Gratitude and Altitude: Expressing Thanks and Achieving New Heights in Challenging Times” at the annual faculty meeting.
The virtual awards ceremony will be accessible to the UNMC community via Zoom during the event and archived afterward.

  • Name: Rakesh Singh, PhD
  • Title: Professor, pathology and microbiology, College of Medicine
  • Joined UNMC: August 1995
  • Hometown: Dawani, Ballia (U.P.), India

What are the greatest rewards of mentoring?

The greatest reward of mentoring is knowing that I contribute to graduate students’ training and help them be the best they can be, witness their progress professionally and personally and treasure their success as scientists and human beings.

Describe a moment in your career when you realized you had picked the right occupation.

I consider myself fortunate to be a small part of each of my student’s careers. Every day mentoring is a learning experience for me and an exciting opportunity to witness the changes students go through during their program of study.

What are the biggest challenges you face as a mentor?

The biggest challenges include: setting reasonable goals for the projects, building student’s confidence and independence and developing a trusting mentor/mentee relationship. Also, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a whole new set of challenges for our students and faculty.

How do you know when you’ve been successful as a mentor?

I feel successful as a mentor when my students are successful in their careers and professional life.


  1. Dr. Vijay Singu says:

    Congratulations Dr. Singh.

  2. Anju Shrivastava says:

    Congratulations Dr. Singh, we are very proud of you.

  3. Nicole Hackendahl says:

    Wonderful and so deserving, Dr. Singh — Congrats!

  4. Kusum K Kharbanda says:

    Congratulations, Rakesh!

  5. Amy Dodson says:

    Congratulations Dr. Singh!!

  6. Peter Iwen says:

    Congratulations Rakesh. This is well deserved!

  7. Priti Gandhi says:

    Congratulations Dr. Singh!

  8. Shantaram Joshi says:

    Well Deserved Recognition, Congratulations Dr. Singh!

  9. Michelle Varney says:

    Congratulations! A well deserved honor. I am proud to have been one of your students.

  10. Liz Tierney says:

    Congratulations Dr. Singh!

  11. Brooke Seaton says:

    Congratulations Rakesh!

  12. V P Singh says:

    Congratulations for your achievements
    V P Singh
    GM (GP-S) ONGC

  13. Maneesh Jain says:

    Congratulations Dr. Singh!! Well deserved!! You inspire so many with your kindness and patience!!

  14. Lisa Sund says:

    Congratulations Dr. Singh!

  15. Kristi Horeis says:

    Congratulations Dr. Singh. Well-earned recognition.

  16. amar singh says:

    A Well Deserved Recognition, Congratulations Dr. Singh!

  17. Tom O’Connor says:

    Kudos, Rakesh! A great selection. Keep up the tremendous work. You’re a great mentor – no doubt.

  18. Dr Upendra Kumar says:

    Big congratulations dear Rakesh. Keep it up.👍

  19. Charles Kuszynski says:

    Congratulations!!!! A well deserved honor.

  20. Omalla Olwenyi says:


  21. Gitanjali Javir says:

    Congratulations Sir !!! You are a great mentor.

  22. P. Thangaraju says:

    Congratulations and Best wishes Dr. Rakesh Singh for your achievements and honour at UNMC. P. Thangaraju, Former VC, TANUVAS and Pro VC, SRM University and currently Managing Director Centre for Medical Genetics Chennai

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