Analisa McMillan, PhD, named IAE associate director

Analisa McMillan, PhD, the new associate director of the Interprofessional Academy of Educators at UNMC.

Analisa McMillan, PhD, the new associate director of the Interprofessional Academy of Educators at UNMC.

Analisa McMillan, PhD, has been named the associate director of the Interprofessional Academy of Educators (IAE) at UNMC.

Dr. McMillan will replace Kim Michael, director of the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program. Both have been members of the academy since its inception in 2016.

"We are very excited to welcome Dr. McMillan as an associate director of the IAE,” said IAE Director Brian Boerner, MD. “Dr. McMillan brings with her many years of experience in education, including expertise in distance learning and instructional design. She has a passion for education and has been generous with her time and talents as an IAE member. As she steps into the associate director role, Dr. McMillan will provide invaluable insight and ideas to further the mission of the IAE."

Dr. Boerner thanked Michael, the Joseph and Darlene Anderson Distinguished Professor of Imaging Science, for her six years of leadership.

“Kim was with the IAE from its inception, providing incredibly valuable leadership and contributing greatly to the growth and development of the IAE and its mission," he said.

Dr. McMillan, the director of distance learning in the UNMC College of Public Health, said she originally joined the IAE for the networking opportunities.

“The chance to get to know like-minded faculty and staff across campus, where you can work together on projects, get help if you need it, to be part of the different interest groups – it was very exciting,” she said.

As she moves into a leadership role in the academy, her goals include growing membership across all colleges and institutes and increasing visibility for the academy’s programming and staff support.

She pointed to some high points for the IAE over the past six years – programming, research support, the introduction of the new IAE Journal and different grant opportunities the IAE has provided.

Dr. McMillan, who will mark 10 years at UNMC in April, said the collaborative spirit at the university – which IAE embraces – is an important part of achieving the university’s clinical, research and educational mission.

“The emphasis on interprofessional collaboration at UNMC did play a role in my career here, because I was able to make connections and work with faculty across campus who have enriched my experience,” she said.

“And the experience of the IAE, being able to participate and share expertise as a member, has really created a collaboration space that has helped me grow as an educator. And at the same time, learning from others, I continue to grow – and sometimes, without that collaborative commitment embodied in a group like the IAE, that isn’t possible.”


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    Congratulations Dr. McMillan and the IAE! Cheers to new ideas and collaborations in 2022!

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    Welcome Analisa. We are excited to have you join us in a leadership role!

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    Congrats, Analisa! You will be perfect for this role with your enthusiasm and creativity!

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    Congratulations Analisa! Well deserved and a great gain for IAE. Thanks for your willingness to continually contribute to the UNMC community.

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    Congratulations Analisa! A great addition.

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