iEXCEL showcases advances as host of simulation conference

Devin Marble of ImmersiveMedical speaks at the SimGHOSTS USA 2023 conference, held on the UNMC campus in Omaha earlier this month.

During the first week of August, 380 simulation specialists from around the nation and across the globe met in Omaha to attend SimGHOSTS USA 2023, an annual conference hosted this year by the UNMC iEXCEL Program. 

During the four-day conference, which was based at the Edwin G. & Dorothy Balbach Davis Global Center, attendees got to participate in hands-on workshops, see presentations, speak to vendors, meet with other simulation champions, network and develop professional community while learning about the latest in health care simulation technology and techniques. 

Lance Baily, who helped found the nonprofit SimGHOSTS more than a decade ago, was in Omaha to give a presentation on staging simulations like a film director. He said he was excited to see how the conference has grown – this conference was the best attended in SimGHOSTS’ history.  

Baily said the credit for that goes to the iEXCEL program. 

“People wanted to see this space, because they’ve heard about it,” he said. “To me, it’s awe-inspiring, because this space is, in my opinion, one of the best clinical simulation centers in the world. The level of innovation that exists here is superb. 

“This center really demonstrates the future of what health care simulation can be, especially in regard to the amount of integration that visualization has here in the program – it’s phenomenal.” 

The iEXCEL team also debuted a true breakthrough at the conference – iEXCEL’s first use of streaming holographs across campus, including keynote speakers. In addition, UNMC Chancellor Jeffrey P. Gold, MD, and other UNMC leaders recorded holographic welcomes for the attendees. 

“It was a true pleasure to be able to host this group of enthusiastic medical simulationists,” said Pam Boyers, PhD, associate vice chancellor of clinical simulation, iEXCEL. “Not only are they patient safety advocates, but they are also dedicated professionals who support faculty and students by adopting the various simulation technologies as they create experiential learning activities.” 

In addition, the conference’s vendor fair showcased the latest simulation technologies from 27 surgical, clinical and visualization (AR/VR/XR) companies.  

New SimGHOSTS President Erica Hinojosa, who visited UNMC for the first time during the conference, said that, although she had looked at the center’s website, seeing what she called the “state of the science” technology in person was impressive. 

“It was very spectacular, booming with state-of-the-art technology and creative collaborations.” 

Although SimGHOSTS has not yet done a post-conference survey, Hinojosa said she thought the attendees were equally impressed. 

“It was one of the best facilities that has housed the conference,” she said. 

Dr. Boyers praised the iEXCEL leadership team for their effort in bringing the conference to Omaha and delivering an outstanding event.  

“The total iEXCEL team absolutely rose to the occasion and due to extraordinary preparation, blended with Nebraska-style hospitality, made the conference highly educational, as well as fun,” she said. “While the technology is dazzling, it was this experienced and knowledgeable team that pulled off a great experience for all participants.”

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