UNMC Rural Health 2030

It’s time. It’s time for Nebraskans and their University of Nebraska Medical Center to assess and revise their collaborative vision and strategy to address disruptive change that will continue to impact rural Nebraska in health workforce, patient care, health education, technology and research. Together, we must take advantage of this change. We must seek to make every opportunity a new reality and shape every challenge into a new opportunity.

The UNMC Rural Health 2030 report is an initial step to begin a conversation with rural stakeholders and others. UNMC will continue to seek open and frank advice. UNMC will continue to seek new collaborations and partnerships. UNMC will listen.

To re-invigorate discussion, the chancellor of the University of Nebraska Medical Center established a Task Force to develop a revised vision and plan for the continuing role of UNMC in working with rural communities, hospitals and providers. UNMC has been listening and engaging internal and external stakeholders regarding the changing needs, finances, challenges and opportunities in rural health to best understand how to reshape, refresh and transform UNMC’s rural health education, services, research, and outreach programs so that rural Nebraskans can thrive in the changing health care environment.

UNMC wants to strengthen and change its vision, where appropriate, to support rural communities and health care providers to successfully meet these disruptive health care forces head on. This report will serve to initiate discussion and to gather input. UNMC hopes to invoke a thoughtful conversation among its stakeholders regarding the future of rural health and health care delivery and of UNMC’s role in helping Nebraskans achieve this vision. At this point, discussion will consider what is best for the health and health care of rural Nebraska without consideration of costs. A frank and open discussion of the issues regarding the many new opportunities and challenges will help transform our thinking.

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