Rural Workforce Preparation

Creating a Health Care Workforce Pathway

UNMC has long been committed to educating and preparing the state's rural health workforce to ensure students are well-prepared to meet the unique health care needs of rural Nebraska. Through long-standing programs such as guaranteed admission pathway programs for rural residents to interprofessional student interest groups focused on rural health, UNMC is helping develop health care providers who will improve access to quality health care in rural communities all across Nebraska.

The Rural Health Opportunities Program and Kearney Health Opportunities Program are designed to address the health care needs of rural Nebraska. The health professions pathway programs recruit, educate and graduate leaders from Nebraska who are committed to returning to Nebraska's rural areas to practice health care.

Program benefits

The Rural Health Opportunities Program or Kearney Health Opportunities Program offer benefits to participants.


Free tuition during undergrad program


Guaranteed admission to UNMC


Opportunities to visit UNMC during undergrad

Participating Programs

There are 10 health professions pathways for Rural Health Opportunities Program and Kearney Health Opportunities Program participants to choose from.