Other Rooms

These rooms are handled by offices other than the Central Scheduling Office.

Business Services, 4230 Building

Use the Outlook Calendar to schedule the Facilities conference room or the Information Technology conference room. Contact Kay Gail, 402-559-7253.

Clarkson Tower

Room Contact Phone Capacity
Storz Pavilion, rooms 1-8 Catering 402-559-4029  Varies
Learning Center 1  Catering  402-559-4029 Varies 
 Learning Center 2 Pam Laudon-Gannon  402-559-2107  18
  Learning Center 3  Pam Laudon-Gannon  402-559-2107  24
  Learning Center 4  Pam Laudon-Gannon  402-559-2107  9
  Learning Center 5  Pam Laudon-Gannon  402-559-2107  9
  Learning Center 6
  Not a computer lab
 Pam Laudon-Gannon  402-559-2107  8
  Learning Center 7  Pam Laudon-Gannon  402-559-2107  8

Durham Outpatient Center

Room Contact Phone Capacity
4608 Darcy Brougham  402-559-2711  20

Hixson-Lied Tower

 To schedule Education Room 3411E, capacity 22, use the Outlook Calendar. Contact: 402-559-4988

Room Contact Phone Capacity
2755 Rebecca Schippers  402-559-5599  15
 2760  Rebecca Schippers  402-559-5599  20

Kiewit Tower

Room Contact Phone Capacity
0908 classroom Marrilou Klug  402-552-2552 40 
5A   Kris McPeck  402-552-3613  10
 68  Kris McPeck  402-552-3613  10
 6A  Shelly Montgomery  402-552-3509  10

Lauritzen Outpatient Center

Room Contact Phone Capacity
Auditorium Tina Young  402-559-0785  80

Medical Science Building

Room Contact Phone Capacity
Hunt Conference Room
Deb Klein  402-559-4818  25
 1533  Deb Klein  402-559-4818  6
5518 Colleen Corrado 402-559-6315  10

Munroe-Meyer Institute

To schedule Room 3046 in MMI building on the main Omaha campus, use the Outlook Calendar. Call 402-559-6430 or email. The room has a capacity of 30. 

Three conference rooms are available in the new MMI building at 6902 Pine St. Details on these rooms and instructions for reserving them.

Truhlsen Events Center

In addition to the Events Center, public spaces in or near the Michael Sorrell Center include the Linder Reading Room, north atrium, south atrium, Scott Student Plaza and Ice Rink.

To reserve these spaces, contact Candace Peteler, 402-559-5192, or visit the Events Center site.

University Tower

Conference Rooms 7412 A and B are temporarily unavailable, due to COVID-19.

Use the Outlook Calendar to schedule these rooms:

Conference Room 7412 A, email, 402-559-9538

Conference Room 7412 B, email, 402-559-9539

Each room has a capacity of 15. 

Room Contact Phone Capacity

Private Dining Rooms:
A, B, C

Catering  402-559-4029  Varies
Grissom 5412 A  Colleen Corrado 402-559-6315  Varies
Grissom 5412 B  Colleen Corrado  402-559-6315  Varies
1372   Kris McPeck  402-552-3613  10

Wigton Heritage Center

Meeting and event spaces in the Wigton Heritage Center are available to UNMC units and student organizations. They are not available to outside organizations. Details about the spaces and how to reserve them.