Faculty Advisory Committee

The SHARING Clinics are run by both a student and faculty advisory committee. The SHARING Clinics greatly appreciate the faculty/community advisers for their support and guidance and would also like to thank the Nebraska Medicine laboratories and radiology departments for their services.


  • Chief Medical Advisor: William Hay
  • Co-Chair: Melanie Menning
  • Co-Chair: Kevin McGuire
  • Administrative Coordinator: Rob Burbach
  • Research Committee Chair: Melanie Menning
  • Fundraising Committee Chair: Hannah Christiansen
  • Outreach Committee Chair: Jennifer Liu

Clinic Operations

  • SHARING Clinic Director: William Hay
  • RESPECT Clinic Director: William Hay
  • GOODLIFE Clinic Director: William Hay
  • VISION Clinic Director: Desinee Drakulich
  • Clinic Coordinator: Angie Townsend

Department Representatives

  • Grace Johnson, College of Allied Health Professions, Physical Therapy
  • Megan Timmerman, College of Allied Health Professions, Medical Nutrition
  • Kevin McGuire, College of Allied Health Professions, Medical Laboratory Science
  • Logan Franck, College of Pharmacy
  • Kristen Cook, College of Pharmacy
  • Jessica Witt, College of Pharmacy
  • Jennifer Liu, College of Medicine           
  • Melissa Soester, College of Allied Health Professions, Physician Assistant and Help Care Clinic - Kearney
  • Karen Backus, Social Work, Care Team Navigator
  • Sheritta Strong, College of Medicine, Psychiatry
  • Jim Medder, College of Medicine, PrEP Services

Student Representatives

  • Laura Ebers, SHARING student co-chair
  • Becca Williams, SHARING student co-chair

Ex-Officio Board Members, Adviser

  •  Keith Swarts, retired, Business & Finance
  • Brenda Helget, NU Foundation, advancement board, and fundraising committee
  • Shelly Baldwin, Ambulatory Care Nebraska Medicine

Past Presidents

  • Kate Fiandt
  • Jim Medder
  • Paul Paulman
  • Bruce Lovejoy
  • Mark Christiansen
  • Audrey Paulman
  • Rebecca Anderson
  • Ulrike (Ricki) Otten
  • William Hay
  • Jennifer Liu