How to Get Involved

Student Providers

The SHARING Clinics would not operate without our student providers. In order to provide or shadow at the SHARING, GOODLIFE, RESPECT and VISION Clinics you must be a student at UNMC. If you are a UNMC student and are interested in volunteering, contact Aurora DePalma.

To view clinic schedules, log in with your UNMC credentials.

All primary providers, including pharmacy providers, may sign up through these links, which require log-in:

Student Sign-up

Faculty Providers 

Faculty providers are a critical component of running successful clinics. Without the generosity and dedication of our wonderful faculty, operating the SHARING Clinics would not be possible. If you are interested in volunteering at one of our clinics, contact Caroline Byrne or Logan Baumberger.

Sign up as a Faculty Volunteer

Medical Interpreters

The SHARING Clinics work to promote health care for the uninsured and underinsured of the Omaha community. A number of patients seen at the clinics are non-English speaking. Interpreters are an essential asset to the SHARING Clinics, and their efforts are greatly valued by both the student and faculty volunteers at the clinics, as well as the patients. For more information on volunteering as an interpreter at the clinics, contact Quentin Timblin.  

Faculty Association

The Student-Run Free Clinics Faculty Association engages and supports faculty, clinicians and professional staff involved in the development and delivery of student-run free clinics. Membership is $100 per year.  
Benefits of membership include:

  • Access and connection with other faculty engaged in student-run clinics nationwide.
  • Face-to-face networking during the annual association meeting in conjunction with the annual conference of the Society of Student-Run Free Clinics.
  • National association leadership and involvement opportunities.
  • Junior faculty mentoring and guidance.