University of Nebraska Medical Center

Non-Discrimination and Bias Reporting

UNMC has a reputation of integrity and excellence in teaching, research and patient care. To maintain this reputation, UNMC expects all faculty, staff and students to conform to the highest ethical standards and meet all legal obligations in the performance of their duties. This Code of Conduct applies to all UNMC faculty, staff and students.

Specifically, UNMC has additional policies and procedures in place that address discrimination and harassment. As such, UNMC is committed to creating and maintaining a welcoming and inclusive campus community. Every individual is valued and should feel welcomed and included as a member of this community.

List of Definitions

A pre-formed negative opinion or attitude toward a group of persons based on their race, religion, ethnicity/national origin, or sexual orientation (FBI Hate Crime Data Collection Guidelines).
Bias Incident
An event that has the effect of demeaning or degrading an individual or a group and is motivated in whole or in part by the perpetrator's bias against a particular group. Experiencing prejudice, stigma, or discriminatory attitudes and/or behavior.
Bias Crime/Hate Crime
A criminal offense committed against a person or property that is motivated, in whole or in part, by the offender's bias against a particular group. (In addition to those mentioned above, other categories or identities may be protected depending on where the crime took place; local and state laws may vary and a federal offense may have been committed).
Bias-Related Emergency
A bias-related emergency is an event in which Campus Security or 911 should be contacted. Campus Security can be contacted by calling 402-559-5111. It is an event, motivated by bias or hate, which endangers, or could endanger, the health and safety of the target.
Bias-Related Non-Emergency
A bias related non-emergency is a situation that is not life-threatening and does not warrant a call to Public Safety or 911. This is a situation that is motivated by bias or hate, but does not require an immediate intervention. These incidents would be appropriate to be reported to the Bias Assessment and Response Team.

Reporting an Incident

The university receives and responds to reports of bias incidents that have been experienced or witnessed. If you, or a friend, believe you have witnessed or experienced a bias related incident please report in the form below.

Reports will be reviewed in a timely manner. For emergencies, please contact Public Safety (402-559-5111) or the appropriate police agency.

When reporting an incident you have the option of reporting it as "information only" or "request for follow up". Information only reports are intended to give the university information on the student, faculty and staff experience at UNMC.

If you have experienced or witnessed a bias related incident, please mark it as a request for follow up. The university will follow up with you to connect you to any resources you may need. The university will inform you of options on campus and in the community to provide you with the support you may need.

Reports can be filed anonymously. However, if the report is filed anonymously it may limit the response the university can have. Every effort will be made to keep your report confidential. However, as administrative agents in an educational institution, university personnel involved adhere to the laws and standards governing the disclosure of information to third parties both within and external to the University. Such information is only disclosed on an administrative need to know basis and only according to the relevant laws/policies that govern such disclosure.

If you believe you have been the victim/survivor of a crime please contact Campus Security (402-559-5111) or the appropriate police agency.

What Happens Once a Report is Submitted?

Once a report is received, the report will be reviewed by leadership in the Division of Student Success. You may be contacted to provide support and follow up.

Reports submitted assist in making UNMC a more safe and inclusive environment.

Report a Bias Incident

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