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Faculty Responsibilities as Outlined in the ADA Policy

Students will send out accommodation plans via email. Faculty are to acknowledge receipt of the plan and copy UNMCASC@unmc.edu on that communication.

  • Faculty should not grant or provide accommodations that are not listed on a student's accommodation plan.
  • It is best practice to create a folder within your email account keeping the student's letter and communication regarding implementation of accommodations.

Faculty are required to and must agree to provide reasonable accommodations to students to facilitate full access and inclusion for students with disabilities.

Faculty should not inquire about a student's particular disability and/or reasoning in which an accommodation is granted. If a student chooses to disclose to a faculty member, that information must remain confidential.

Within the interactive process, if faculty find that an accommodation is unreasonable, the academic program and faculty must offer a rationale for specific course requirements that cannot be waived or modified as a reasonable accommodation. It is expected that this feedback is timely.

When meeting with students, academic programs and faculty should not counsel students toward more restrictive career objectives than their peers. It is expected that academic programs and faculty assist in development of students with disabilities in their academic and post-graduation career plans to the same level as all students.

Syllabus Statement

"The University of Nebraska Medical Center takes pride in its diverse population and is committed to providing all students the opportunity to take full advantage of its programs and facilities. In keeping with this philosophy, UNMC strives to eliminate architectural and programmatic barriers that may prevent qualified students with disabilities from obtaining an academic or professional degree. The Accessibility Services Center (ASC) provides reasonable accommodations (e.g. auxiliary aids and services or academic adjustments) to students with disabilities and/or medical conditions an equal opportunity to participate in academic programs and to promote and facilitate the integration of students with disabilities into the mainstream of university academic life. Students in need of accommodations should reach out to the ASC as soon as possible to initiate the request, as accommodation are not retroactive in nature. However, the accountability and responsibility of accommodations is shared among faculty, students, administrators, and staff. Reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities are designed to provide equal access in a manner that does not compromise essential elements of academic programs."

Email: UNMCASC@unmc.edu

Location: Student Life Center (SLC 2031)

Phone: 402-559-7276

Sign Language Interpreting

Need a sign language interpreter or live-transcriptioning services? Please email the Accessibility Services Center to request interpreting services or if you have questions about how to interact with interpreters in your classroom or clinical areas.

Anthology Ally

IT Academic Technologies provides a UNMC enterprise license for Anthology Ally, which is a Canvas add-on. Ally provides feedback to improve the accessibility of the content and the ability to convert and download alternative formats. 

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The Accessibility Services Center aims to cultivate an accessible and inclusive community where students with permanent and temporary disabilities have an equal opportunity to participate in all aspects of campus life.

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