Useful References

We are collaborating with FluoroFinder to bring you support for running at UNMC Flow Cytometry Research Facility. Please click here, or the icon below, to access UNMC FluoroFinder website for your first step to online support. 


Other sources for flow cytometry resources can be found below.

Flow Cytometry Support and Education

Becton Dickinson Staining Protocols and Fluorochrome Selection Link

Becton Dickinson Technical Resource Page 

Becton Dickinson Multicolor Flow Cytometry:  Optimizing Performance for Expanding Colors into High Parameter DATA Collection

Intro to flow online course

Diva Software Training

Practical Flow Cytometry fourth edition by Howard M. Shapiro

Fluorochrome Spectral Viewer for proper antibody selection

Purdue Email List

Cell Cycle Fundamentals

Telford staining method protocol

Vindelov staining method protocol 

Flow Cytometry On-line Resources

autoMACS Web site

BD Web site

Beckman Coulter Web site

CiteAb the Antibody Search Engine

Excyte Expert Cytometry

Fluorescence SpectraViewer

eBioscience Web site

FlowJo Web site

ClonTech Web site

Novus Biologicals

Antibodies Online

Spherotech Web site