Following are the policies for the facility: by using the services of the facility you agree to these policies. If a user is in violation of any of these policies we reserve the right to require re-training, or refuse service.


o    The Facility does not function from user fees alone. We are significantly subsidized by the University. It is required that all users acknowledge this support.

Data Storage

o   Data will be stored on the facility RITO server for 6 months, for which access can be requested.

o   Data will be archived on the FCRF Box online storage in accordance with UNMC policy.

o   It is the responsibility of the individual operator to ensure data has been exported to the server: computers are cleaned on a regular basis and data not exported will be lost.

o    The facility will store data in accordance with the NIH guidelines.

Using the Facility

o   Users must complete the Practical Flow Cytometry Class prior to using cell sorting and unassisted cell acquisition services.

o   Only facility staff are to train users

o   Users with a reservation have priority for the instrument, but if users are not present 15 minutes after their reserved time begins the priority on the instrument is foregone

o   Cells must be fixed unless there is a biological reason not to.

o    You must disclose to facility personnel if you are using unfixed cells.

o   All cells must be filtered immediately before acquiring samples on the flow cytometer.

o   All experiments must have the correct instrument control samples, without the correct control samples the facility will not assist with sample acquisition.


o   Users will be billed for the reserved time, in addition to any time used after the reservation.

o   Cancellations must be made with at least one full working days notice, prior to the start of the reservation.

o    Late cancellations and no shows are subject to billing for the total reserved time and supplemental fees (training/set-up etc.)

o   Any instrument blockage will be charged an unclogging fee.

o   Any user-related instrument damage will be billed for parts and maintenance.

Further policy agreement is required for trained users, and will be discussed upon training.