Facility Overview


General Overview

The PET core is here to bolster and expand the small animal imaging efforts of UNMC. UNMC is already home to multiple clinical and pre-clinical imaging modalities for researchers. The addition of the small animal PET instrument will allow for live non-invasive biodistribution studies using radiotracers. If interested in using the core or simply learning more about the core, please contact us.

The core is run by core personnel who serve to help investigators best meet their research goals. Core personnel do give priority to the work of core users, but such personnel do not exclusively work for the core. Please be accommodating to the personnel as they do their best to communicate in a timely and accurate manner.

Safety is the top priority of the core, and we will not impinge on that to accommodate users. The core at-large must always conduct their work in accordance guidelines from UNMC EHS Radiation Safety, UNMC IACUC, and UNMC Comparative Medicine. Core users may contract their experimental work out to the core, or they may conduct independent research if they accomplish all the necessary training and safety steps outlined. There is a substantial amount of training and preparation required to use the core independently due to the safety measures required to use radioactive materials and concurrently handle animals. The core is always willing and open to train investigators who seek to become independent users, but please be understanding of all training and protocol development required.

If you have any questions or curiosities about the UNMC PET Imaging Core Facility, please contact us. Core personnel will be in touch within 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).


Molecubes Beta Cube

TriFoil Triumph II

Anesthesia Machine


Radioprep Room


Same room as Bioimaging Core Facility. In BCC Class 3 animal facility.