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Information for Mentors

Being a mentor is a rewarding experience that allows you to pass along your knowledge and experience to help others.

In order to be a good mentor, you don't necessarily need to have experience in mentoring. It is your personal characteristics and experience that will help you guide your mentee toward reaching their goals.

At the beginning of any mentoring relationship, it's crucial you and your mentee are completely open and honest about each other's expectations and how evaluation of the process will be established. Not doing so can cause issues later. After all, the more you know about the mentee's goals, the more effective you can be in sponsoring them for activities in their department or professional organizations. 

Tip: The time and dedication you invest in your mentee's success is an excellent example of outstanding professional service that is needed for promotion and tenure.

Information Every Mentor Needs

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Mentoring Resources

Not sure where to start? We've compiled a variety of resources to help you navigate the challenges of mentoring relationships and maximize the use of mentoring in career development.