University of Nebraska Medical Center

Education Council

Senior leaders provide guidance and insights to shape the future of academic success at UNMC.

The Education Council is a committee consisting of senior education leaders from UNMC, Nebraska Medicine and the Student Senate.

The group meets monthly to discuss academic-related curricular and other matters and serves in an advisory role to the senior vice chancellor for academic affairs. 

Some of the Education Council's key activities include:

  • Developing and revising UNMC policies pertaining to education and students 
  • Providing a forum for discussion of policies that affect educational units and students
  • Providing a forum for discussion of campus services that affect students and faculty

Council Members

Council Member Area Represents
Yun Saksena, DMD — Co-Chair Dentistry
Kendra Schmid, PhD — Co-Chair Academic Affairs & Graduate Studies
Keith Allen, PhD Munroe-Meyer Institute
Brian Boerner, MD Interprofessional Academy of Educators
Kelly Caverzagie, MD Medicine & Nebraska Medicine
Phil Covington, EdD Student Success
Melissa Diers IT Academic Technologies
Emily Glenn McGoogan Library
Donald Klepser, PhD Pharmacy
Nicole Kolm-Valdivia, PhD Public Health
Lynnette Leeseberg Stamler, PhD, DLitt Nursing
Linda Love, EdD Faculty Development
Devin Nickol, MD Interprofessional Education
Brian Spencer Facilities Management & Planning
Ben Stobbe iEXCEL
Tammy Webster, PhD Allied Health
Gary C. Yee, PharmD Academic Affairs

Policy Committee Members

Committee Member Area Represents
Phil Covington, EdD (Chair) Student Success
Maggie Winnicki Allied Health
Yun Saksena, DMD Dentistry
Kelly Caverzagie, MD Medicine
Lori Turner Nursing
Chris Shaffer, PharmD, PhD Pharmacy
Jessica Tschirren Public Health
Amber Donnelly, PhD Graduate Studies
Andrew Faltin, JD Student Success