University of Nebraska Medical Center


How to Apply

Applications for admission to the MSIA Graduate Program must be submitted online by the appropriate deadline. Please review the application deadlines and instructions on how to apply on the Graduate Studies Admissions page. Review this information carefully prior to submitting your application.

Admission Requirements

The following requirements are specific to the MSIA program. In addition to Graduate College admission requirements, the following must be satisfied:

  1. Your application narrative should to this program must provide:
    1. Statement of career goals
    2. Area of research interest
    3. Faculty mentor (include information about the faculty mentor and why you have selected them)
  2. Advisor/Supervisor (mentor for your graduate program): Contact potential biomedical sciences graduate program faculty mentor in your area of interest. As the program is interdisciplinary and does not reflect a specific department or UNMC College, it is necessary to identify a mentor prior to admission for the Health Practice and Medical Education, Patient Oriented Research and Clinically Relevant Basic Science subplan. The exceptions are the Oral Biology, Biological Defense & Health Security and Applied Behavior Analysis graduate programs. They will assign a mentor if they offer you admission to their program.

Admission Deadlines:

The Following MSIA sub-plans have admissions deadlines that are different than those listed in the table below:

  • MSIA Clinical and Translational Mentored Scholars Program only accepts applications for the fall term.  
  • *MSIA Biological Defense and Health Security is the only sub-plan that accepts summer applications.
  • MSIA Applied Behavior Analysis application deadlines are available on their program website. 

Application Deadline Dates

Admit Term Application Opens U.S. Applicant Deadline International Applicant Deadline
Spring June 1 Nov. 15 Oct. 1
*Summer Sept. 1 April 1 Feb. 1
Fall Oct. 1 June 15 April 1

Funding Opportunities

Funding is not guaranteed upon admission to Graduate Studies. If the sub-plan area you're applying to or your identified mentor has funding available and you're admitted as a full-time student, you may be eligible. It is the student's responsibility to investigate sources of funding available. Applicants/students should contact their mentor, sub-plan representative and/or the Office of Graduate Studies for additional information on Funding Options.

Transfer Students

Any student currently enrolled in, and in good academic standing, in a UNMC graduate program, may apply for transfer into the MSIA graduate program.

A student wishing to apply for a transfer, must do the following:

  1. Notify MSIA of your intent to transfer via msia@unmc.edu and include the following information:
    1. Narrative describing reasons for transferring into MSIA and sub-plan
    2. Confirmed mentor and proposed committee members
    3. Program of study to include courses intended for transfer
  2. Contact your current academic program and ask for admission materials (application, resume/CV, letters of recommendation, transcripts, GRE scores and TOEFL [if applicable], and current UNMC unofficial transcripts to be sent to msia@unmc.edu

MSIA will convene an ad-hoc admissions committee made up of both MSIA Co-Chairs and the prospective sub-plan chair.

A student who is accepted will be required to notify, in writing, their current mentor and committee members they have been accepted into MSIA. The student should copy msia@unmc.edu on the email.

The following MSIA graduate programs do not allow internal transfers.

  • Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Clinical Translational Research Mentored Scholars Program
  • Oral Biology