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Wellness Wednesday – The 2013 Winter Decathlon

On Feb. 4, UNMC will launch its 10-week Winter Activity Decathlon.

The challenge is for UNMC employees and is designed to increase activity and show employees what activity options are available on campus.

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“Winter is a great time to explore the various indoor and outdoor activity options we have on campus,” said Jayme Nekuda, Ph.D., division director of benefits and worklife programs. “This initiative is designed to get people up and moving and also to show them there is more to do on campus than maybe they thought.”

How it will work

Employees will be given a menu of activities they can complete and will be charged with completing one activity per week. Those who do will receive a cool long-sleeve T-shirt when the challenge concludes on April 14.

Sites for the challenge will include the Center for Healthy Living, campus tunnel routes and stairwells and various other campus locations.

Challenge activities

Decathlon activities will be broken down into Easy, Moderate and Difficult categories. Employees can pick and choose among the three categories as they select their weekly activities.

A sample of activities is below.

Easy activities

  • Take a Yoga class at the Center for Healthy Living (CFHL)
  • Walk a campus tunnel route
  • Walk a mile on the CFHL track (in the gymnasium)

Moderate activities

  • Take a Pilates class in the CFHL
  • Ice skate for 15 minutes
  • Walk two campus tunnel routes

Difficult activities

  • Do a P90x or Insanity video session at the CFHL
  • Run the Field Club Trail down and back in less than 35 minutes
  • Climb the Lied Transplant Center stairs in less than three minutes


Register online. You must register by Feb. 25 to be eligible to get a T-shirt.

After you register, you’ll be sent a pamphlet to track your activities.

The pamphlet also will serve as a passport to get non-members into Center for Healthy Living and onto the campus ice rink to complete activities during the challenge. Ice rink admission will be free with the pamphlet but the $3 skate-rental fee will apply to those who need skates.

More information to come

More information about the campus challenge will be released soon. Contact cfhladmin@unmc.edu if you have questions.


  1. bunnita washington says:

    That sounds great, Chuck ! I hope it gets a huge response.

  2. Wendy Wells says:

    will there be substitutions for those of us not on the Omaha campus?

  3. UNMC Today editor says:

    Good question, Wendy. The activities referenced are simply suggestions. Decathlon participants may chose from the menu of activities or devise their own. Thanks for asking.

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