Research leadership: Babu Guda, PhD

Babu Guda, PhD

This profile is part of a series to highlight the researchers who will be honored at a ceremony on March 9 for UNMC’s Scientist Laureate, Research Leadership, Distinguished Scientist, New Investigator and Community Service to Research Award recipients.

Research Leadership Award

The Research Leadership Award is intended to honor scientists previously recognized as Distinguished Scientists who have a longstanding research funding history and also serve as research leaders and mentors on campus.

  • Name: Babu Guda, PhD
  • Title: Professor and vice chair, UNMC Department of Genetics, Cell Biology and Anatomy, and assistant dean for research development, UNMC College of Medicine
  • Joined UNMC: 2010
  • Hometown: Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India

Please describe your research focus in three words 

Biomedical informatics and genomic data science

Why is research important in the world today? 

Expansive data being generated in biomedical research has become the central resource to carry out explorative research and generate new hypotheses by integrating and correlating discrete data points. Raw data in itself has little value unless it is analyzed and interpreted properly. Research on the application of informatics tools will enable us to extract the signal from the noise to make meaningful biological inferences or discover new paradigms.

My work will make a difference because: 

My work covers a wide array of topics related to research informatics, including the development of novel computational methods. We apply informatics tools to systematically integrate, correlate and analyze multi-omics data sets using machine learning and deep learning approaches. This type of research makes a huge difference because it enables us to discover biomarkers for diagnosis, prognosis and survival and aids in generating new testable hypotheses.

The best advice I could give a beginning researcher is: 

If you have clear career goals and, more importantly, the grit to execute your plans, the rest falls in place naturally. You just need to be patient.

The toughest lesson I’ve learned is: 

I couldn’t think of a particularly tough one, but I try hard to not learn the same lesson twice, which makes it easier to learn the newer lessons.

The best part of my job is:

Multitasking and staying in a learning environment surrounded by brilliant people, particularly my research team, which teaches me new things every day.

Three things you may not know about me are: 

  • I’m a first-generation college graduate.
  • I was delivered by a midwife in a south Indian village with no electricity and health care facilities.
  • I enjoy cooking, but not as much eating what I cook.


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