Alcohol Center of Research-Nebraska awarded $8.8 million grant 

Carol Casey, PhD, and Todd Wyatt, PhD

Carol Casey, PhD, and Todd Wyatt, PhD

Carol Casey, PhD, professor in the UNMC Department of Internal Medicine in the College of Medicine, and Todd Wyatt, PhD, professor in the UNMC Department of Environmental, Agricultural and Occupational Health in the College of Public Health, have been awarded an $8.8 million P50 grant for the Alcohol Center of Research-Nebraska (ACORN). The National Institutes of Health (NIH) awards P50 grants to support integrated, multidisciplinary research teams.

The ACORN grant will fund research projects related to alcohol tissue injury, with the goal of creating a collective environment for emerging and established alcohol researchers to collaborate. Dr. Casey will serve as director and Dr. Wyatt as co-director of this five-year grant.

The central scientific theme for ACORN is the alcohol exposome, which encompasses all the collective environmental exposures to alcohol across a person’s lifetime.

“The overarching hypothesis of the center is that alcohol misuse negatively impacts our responses to the exposome and does so through alcohol interaction on a multi-organ level,” Dr. Wyatt said. “We hope to make relevant discoveries that impact peoples’ lives through advancing public health.”

“While alcohol researchers have been at UNMC for the past 50 years, this P50 award brings not only new expansion resources to our campus, but also national recognition of our program,” Dr. Wyatt said.

Since the award earlier this year, ACORN is setting up a request for applications for the pilot projects program. Letters of intent are due May 1, and interested applicants can email Dr. Wyatt.


  1. Karen Gould says:

    Congratulations Carol and Todd on this accomplishment and thank you for leading this important work.

  2. John S Davis says:

    A hearty congratulations to Carol and Todd the others who contributed to the success of this Center award. This grant illustrates the power behind productive VA/UNMC partnerships.

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    Congratulations Carol and Todd!

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    Todd and Carol, congratulations on the award. You continue to make a positive difference!

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    Congratulations, this is a great accomplishment.

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    Congratulations on this award! Such interesting and important work!

  9. Lisa Chudomelka says:

    Constantly pursuing excellence and opportunity — Todd and Carol are prime examples of what UNMC can do. Now the real work begins. Congratulations!

  10. Katherine N Porto says:

    Congratulations Dr. Carol & Dr. Wyatt!

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    Congratulations! Carol and Todd!

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    Congratulations, a wonderful achievement!

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    Many sincere congrats!!!

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