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Amber Donnelly, PhD, and Tammy Webster, PhD

Amber Donnelly, PhD, and Tammy Webster, PhD

Drs. Donnelly and Webster receive new appointments

Amber Donnelly, PhD, the M. Patricia & James W. Leuschen Professor, has been appointed as associate dean for student affairs in the UNMC College of Allied Health Professions, and Tammy Webster, PhD, has been appointed as the college’s associate dean for academic affairs.

Both Dr. Donnelly and Dr. Webster have led their respective areas for the past four years as assistant deans.

Dr. Donnelly serves as the college’s representative on the UNMC Student Affairs Council and as liaison to the UNMC Office of Global Engagement. She will continue to direct the college’s Office of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs. She joined UNMC in 2001 and served as the director of the cytology program for 20 years.

Dr. Webster serves as the college’s primary conduct officer and chairs the curriculum committee. She serves as co-chair of the UNMC Education Council and AI Enhance Learning Subcommittee.  She will continue to direct the college’s Office of Academic Affairs. She joined UNMC in 2001 and served as director of the combined radiography, computed tomography and cardiovascular interventional technology programs for eight years.

Dr. Shirani to discuss diagnostic delays in multiple sclerosis 

Afsaneh Shirani, MD

Afsaneh Shirani, MD, an assistant professor of neurology at the UNMC Department of Neurological Sciences, has been invited by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s ECHO Learning Initiative to deliver a virtual talk on diagnostic delays in multiple sclerosis.

In her presentation, Dr. Shirani will explore disparities in MS diagnostic delays and propose strategies to address this critical gap. She said the multidisciplinary importance of this topic makes it relevant to health care providers beyond the field of neurology.

The talk, entitled “Diagnostic Delays in Multiple Sclerosis: A Closer Look at Disparities,” will take place from 11 a.m. to noon Central Time today (Feb. 23) via Zoom. Those interested in attending can register here.

Metro Credit Union building new branch along Saddle Creek

Image courtesy Metro Credit Union

Metro Credit Union has announced it is building a new express branch on the northwest corner of Saddle Creek Road and Farnam Street. Construction is expected to be completed this spring, allowing the credit union to move three blocks north from its current location.

According to Metro Credit Union, the new branch will be equipped with three drive-through lanes, each with a free-standing interactive teller machine, which allow credit union members to withdraw cash, deposit cash or checks, transfer funds and more.

The drive-through will be open 24-7. Virtual tellers will be available to assist via video during normal hours for the Metro Credit Union’s contact center.

UNMC retirements announced

In February, UNMC Human Resources announced three retirements, including two colleagues with more than 40 years of experience each at UNMC.

Jack Swanson, business and finance, retired on Feb. 14 after more than 42 years at UNMC. Swanson started his med center career on Sept. 18, 1981.

Joining Swanson at the medical center less than one year later, Barbara Wright-Kennedy arrived at UNMC on Aug. 30, 1982. When she retired on Jan. 26, she had worked more than 41 years at the med center.

Judith Anderson of the UNMC College of Public Health also retired in January. Her final day at UNMC was Jan. 26; she joined the med center on Sept. 16, 2005.

Food vendors on campus

Food vendors are available weekdays on the UNMC Omaha campus. Vendors are located on both the east and west sides of campus, serving from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. daily.

The schedule for next week is:

East end of campus (Sorrell Center, Alumni Commons area unless specified otherwise below):

  • Mondays – Let Me Feed You
  • Tuesdays – Zemogs
  • Wednesdays – Pulled BBQ Omaha
  • Thursdays – Let Me Feed You
  • Fridays – Pim’s Thai Catering & Take Out

West end of campus (Durham Research Center towers)

  • Mondays – Zemogs (food trailer located to the east of Durham Research Center)
  • Wednesdays – Let Me Feed You (Durham Research Center’s Maurer Commons area)
  • Thursdays – Pim’s Thai Catering & Take Out (Durham Research Center’s Maurer Commons area)
  • Fridays – Let Me Feed You (Durham Research Center’s Maurer Commons area)

Questions? Email Rick Boldt in the UNMC Office of Business and Finance.

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  1. Tom O’Connor says:

    Congrats to the retirees on a job well done. Special kudos to two of my all-time favorites – Jack Swanson and Barb Wright-Kennedy.

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