Community/Private Practice

The majority of UNMC pathology graduates go on to work in a community/private practice having to integrate the myriad skills and knowledge acquired throughout their training. The community practice rotation at Mary Lanning is a four-week opportunity to practice in that manner in a relaxed, collegial environment. Here you will have the daily chance to experience of the full breadth of our field including on-site evaluations for EBUS, ultra-sound and CT guided biopsies and fine-needle aspirates; frozen sections; biopsies and resections from all areas of anatomic pathology; hematopathology; transfusion medicine; clinical lab management and problem solving; as well as close interactions with other treating physicians, clinicians and laboratory staff. Being a community hospital with outreach in outstate Nebraska, we are often the point of first diagnosis before possible referral to larger tertiary medical centers. As such, you will see a lot of both “bread and butter” cases as well as “zebra” cases. Daily grossing, handled by the resident and laboratory staff, allows you to develop gross-microscopic correlation and follow-through of cases from start to finish. In-department access to hospital leadership provides opportunities for an introduction to interdisciplinary medical staff affairs (How does the organized independent medical staff function; how is one credentialed; how does peer review work?) There is also the optional possibility of getting involved with various quality/process improvement projects and posters/publications.