University of Nebraska Medical Center

Student Life Inclusion and Diversity Office

Our Mission

The UNMC Student Life, Inclusion and Diversity Office (SLIDO) creates a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture that connects people, fosters collaboration, and develops community partnerships. SLIDO advocates for excellence through the development and implementation of best practices, programs, and events that foster student engagement and success.

Student Organization Advisory and Preparation (SOAP) Council

The purpose of SOAP is to advise SLIDO, the Office of Community Engagement, and the UNMC Student Senate on what’s happening in the student organization space and to offer professional development and resources to student organization leaders. All registered student organizations are required to send one representative a month to attend SOAP Council meetings.


SLIDO Objectives


Advance UNMC's commitment to diversity and inclusion by developing programs that target issues related, but not limited to ability, status, age, ethnicity, gender, national origin, native language, race, religion, sexual orientation, globalization, and socioeconomic background.


Promote a sense of community, nationality, and acceptance of differences in ethnicity, religion, economic status, and viewpoints.


Provide support for services that facilitate the transition, retention, persistence, and graduation of University of Nebraska Medical Center’s students of color.


Collaborate with academic units to develop inclusion, diversity and equity content for classes and organize DEI workshops for students.

Student Satisfaction

Collaborate with the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Success to enhance all students’ satisfaction, not only the satisfaction of students of color. Fund campus committees for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts.

Student Development

Provide leadership in the training and development of student organizations, officers and advisors.

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