Student Organizations

A group of students pose in a cardboard frame

UNMC students carry with them a breadth of interests which evolve and expand over time and that students should be free to organize and join associations to promote those interests. The Student Life Inclusion and Diversity Office (SLIDO) is committed to the importance of these student associations in: 

In order to best ensure community safety and the effectiveness of student organizations, all student organizations are required to be recognized by SLIDO to function within the university and utilize benefits of membership. 

Information on active student organizations is available in Engage.

UNMC Registered Student Organizations  

To see a list of current student organizations, you must create an ENGAGE profile. 

  1. Visit 
  2. Log in using your UNMC Net ID 
  3. Create or update your profile 

Once you are logged in to ENGAGE, click the Organization tab to see a list of registered student organizations.

Student Organization Re-Registration  

Beginning in 2021, every student organization must go through an annual renewal process. The renewal process will be open from April 5 through April 30, 2021 in ENGAGE. It is the responsibility of organization leadership to complete this process.

Once the renewal process is complete, the student organization will be listed as “active” until March 31 of the following academic year. Organizations subject to disciplinary sanctions may not participate in the renewal process.

If an organization fails to participate in the renewal process, it will be marked as “inactive” and you will need to formally request reinstatement. If an organization is deemed inactive for two (2) academic years in a row, they will no longer be considered for renewal and may lose historical data as a result.

Please complete the following before you begin the re-registration process:

* Schedule an organization meeting to determine new student leaders, if applicable.
* Review and update organization bylaws and student roster as needed. Collect contact information for new student leaders.
* OUTGOING STUDENT LEADERS: Grant Position status to incoming student leaders and provide training on your organization's use of Engage. See more information here
* INCOMING STUDENT LEADERS: Prepare all updated materials and complete the re-registration process by April 30, 2021.


  1. Log in to ENGAGE and click “Manage” to view the Action Center homepage.
  2. Under “My Memberships,” click “Register” in the adjacent gray box.
  3. Click “Next” to navigate to your organization or search the organization name. If your organization is eligible for renewal, you will see a blue box next to your organization name to
  4. Follow the prompts to complete the renewal process and update any needed information.
Student Leader Resources  

UNMC is compiling a Registered Student Organization Handbook to inform student leaders and faculty advisors about the many resources available to them. Please check back soon to see the handbook. 

Register a New Student Organization  

Please follow all instructions below. This process usually takes around 15 minutes to complete; any questions you have can be directed to Channing Bunch, Director of SLIDO, at

Create an account on ENGAGE & sign in 

  1. Visit 
  2. Log in using your UNMC Net ID 
  3. Create or update your profile 

Register your student organization in ENGAGE

Please have the following information prepared before you complete this registration:
* Organization name & description
* Contact information for all your officers
* Organization Bylaws (see Model Bylaws for Student Organizations for a template)
* Date/time and location for organization meetings 

If your submission is approved, you will become the Primary Contact of the organization. Complete the form only if you are to be the Primary Contact on record for the organization. The registration process can be continued at any time by resuming it from your Submissions.

  1. Log into ENGAGE 
  2. Click on the "Organizations" tab  
  3. Click "Register an Organization"  
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen 
  5. Click "Register a New Organization" 
  6. Register your organization under the "Student Engagement" branch
  7. Complete the New Student Organization Request form in ENGAGE and submit

Your registration submission will be reviewed by the Student Life Inclusion and Diversity Office (SLIDO). You will be notified of your acceptance or if additional information is needed via email. The registration process can be continued at any time by resuming it in My Involvement.