Assays & Services

The following services are provided by the UNMC Genomics Core Facility:

RNA Sequencing is performed to measure genome-wide gene transcription and assays are designed to measure mRNA, total RNA, or miRNA species.

DNA Sequencing of whole genomes as well as targeted regions of genomes is performed. Whole genome DNA sequencing with phasing of haplotypes using the 10x Genomics System is available as well.

Exome sequencing is provided for sequencing of the coding region of human genomes to identify genetic variation.

Metagenomics service is provided, with both 16s ribosomal profiling as well as shotgun whole genome metagenomic strategies are available.

Single Cell RNA Profiling is offered to profile gene expression in individual cells using the 10x Genomics or Fluidigm systems.

Traditional Sanger Sequencing is provided for sequencing of PCR fragments and plasmid inserts.