University of Nebraska Medical Center

What Does Not Require an Export Review

Published works and personal correspondence are not subject to export controls and, therefore, can be shipped to international recipients without needing to submit a Request for Export Controls Review Form, unless the total value of the shipment exceeds $2,499. 

"Published works" include:

  • Scholarly works (journals, individual articles, textbooks, presentation papers, publicly available theses and dissertations, posters etc.)
  • Published books
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Similar printed material 

Unpublished manuscripts may be subject to export controls if they contain research data not intended for publication, so consult with your export compliance coordinator prior to exporting these items. 

"Personal correspondence" includes:

  • Personal and professional messages (letters to relatives, communication with a conference organizer etc.)
  • Awards (certificates, plaques etc.)
  • Personal items (food, clothing etc.)

If your shipment includes equipment, software, or chemical, biological or radioactive materials, you will still need to submit a Request for Export Controls Review Application.

Email the Export Control Office for additional information.