University of Nebraska Medical Center

Financial Support

Funding for Graduate Studies

  1. PhD students are supported by either Teaching Assistantships (TAs) or Research Assistantships (RAs) stipends. Tuition is waived for PhD students.
  2. MS students are not awarded stipends but do qualify for a 50% tuition waiver in their second year.
  3. For PhD students, TAs are awarded to selected first year students for one year only. In extraordinary circumstances, the TA may be renewed for a second year.
  4. It is expected that all students will apply every year for a UNMC graduate fellowship. The deadline is usually in February.
  5. All students should be aware of a list of state, national, and international sources of funding for graduate students. After discussion and with the support of their advisor, students are expected to identify, and apply for funding from these additional external sources.
  6. Students cannot have a paid position outside the university without the approval of their advisor and the approval of the funding agency supporting their research.

Additional support for Graduate Studies