University of Nebraska Medical Center

PhD Teaching Proficiency

Program Overview and Curriculum

The program consists of two cycles each composed of learning teaching theory followed by applying this knowledge in a real classroom teaching experience.

  1. Interested UNMC PhD students first take the Genetics, Cell Biology, and Anatomy course - GCBA 907: Teaching and Research Presentation Skills.
  2. Students then use these skills to develop one or two lectures for the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) course, Biology 1030: Biology of Human Disease.

    Lecture development is assisted by a designated UNMC faculty teaching mentor. For each lecture, UNMC students will prepare leaning objectives, a slide presentation and exam questions. Students then present their lecture in the course. One or two UNMC faculty will provide immediate feedback on lecture performance on the day of the lecture. UNO students will provide lecture evaluations after their next examination.
  3. After teaching the first time in the UNO course, the UNMC students will participate in four UNMC faculty development training modules. For each module, students will review UNMC's online faculty development content regarding Learning Objectives, Lecture Design and Delivery, Classroom Examinations and one optional module. Students then meet with a faculty facilitator who will lead a brief discussion of that module's material and lead a peer/faculty evaluation of the student's teaching materials from the UNO course.
  4. UNMC Teaching Proficiency students then incorporate lecture feedback and the faculty development training into a revision of their UNO course teaching materials and present their revised lecture(s) the following semester.

Program Requirements

To be eligible for the Teaching Proficiency Program, students should be enrolled at UNMC as PhD students and register for GCBA 907: Teaching and Research Presentation Skills

Students should notify the director of their interest in participating in the program.