University of Nebraska Medical Center

MS or PhD in Biological Defense and Health Security

A woman receives a vaccine

Students enrolled in this sub-plan will engage in and learn processes and methodologies affiliated with the fundamental elements and scientific principles needed to develop successfully in the emerging global security areas related to defense against infectious disease.

Two tracks are available to students: one focused on biosurveillance and biodefense science related to National Security and another focused on basic and clinical science related to global health. Either track will consist of a mix of technical courses designed to develop a deep technical understanding of the student's focus area, and practical or policy courses designed to guide the student to successful application.

Many basic scientists do not receive formal training in methods for understanding global public health or national security applications of their work, but it is critical that biodefense and health security students have training grounded in the principles to conduct research aimed at protecting civilian and military populations, and an appreciation for the unique research applications in this area.

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Advisory Committee

Dr. Joshua Santarpia (Program Director), Dr. John Lowe, Dr. Eric Carnes, Dr. St. Patrick Reid, and Lauren Sauer, MS