University of Nebraska Medical Center

Clinical & Translational Research Mentored Scholars Pilot Grant Program

Procedures and Guidelines


Clinical Translational Research Mentored Scholar Program Pilot Research Projects are an integral part of the program. UNMC provides pilot grant funding for Clinical Translational Research Mentored Scholar Program scholars to generate preliminary data needed for successful extramural grant applications. The research activity can be initiated as soon as they enter the program once they have discussed and formalized their project with their graduate advisor and mentorship team. Many scholars have a clear idea of the direction of their research at the outset. The application can be made as early as the first semester of their graduate training program, but will not be awarded until they have completed at least one semester of course work.

Award: $25,000

This grant award cannot be applied toward faculty salary, office equipment other than that directly related to research, or travel other than that directly related to the research (e.g., travel to visit research participants-OK vs. travel to present at a national meeting-not OK). It can cover tuition and other educational fees for training, although UNMC faculty are eligible for tuition credits for up to 6 credit hours/semester. It can also include graduate student stipends, or other salary support under their supervision, other than secretarial support.

This fund can be supplemented by the Research Support Fund (RSF), which requires a separate application, available on the CCTR web site, and is intended to write-off the hospital based costs of investigator-initiated research


Three weeks prior to the monthly Review Committee meeting (the Clinical & Translational Research Review Committee meets on the second Tuesday of the Month)

Applications should be submitted to the Clinical Research Center Nurse Manager email. Questions regarding the program or submission can be addressed to Lani Zimmerman, PhD, director of the Mentored Scholars Program, by email or phone (402-472-3847).


Program Description and Application