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MS or PhD in Health Practice & Medical Education Research

Students walk on the UNMC Omaha campus

The MSIA Health Practice and Medical Education Research sub-plan supports two growing areas of scholarly interest.

  • The first area of interest focuses on Emergency Preparedness, which is a growing career field involving emergency management/preparedness accreditation requirements within the healthcare and public health sectors.
  • The second area of interest is the growing trend toward innovative approaches to health professions education, especially in the e-learning and simulation technology spheres.

Available opportunities to explore the simulation learning field have increased exponentially with opening of the UNMC Davis Global Center, a highly advanced clinical simulation facility purposefully designed to foster the practice of patient care in highly functioning and effective interprofessional teams. This approach allows students to learn through immersive and interactive simulation experiences. Other scholarly areas included in this sub-plan include, but are not limited to, Higher Education Systems Research and Healthcare Quality & Process Research.

All scholarly areas noted above are in need of evidence-based research to eventually guide practice and we are excited to follow the next generation of researchers as they advance these fields.

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Advisory Committee

Dr. Sharon Medcalf (Program Director), Dr. Elli Rogan, Dr. Jenenne Geske, Dr. Beth Beam, Dr. Michelle Howell