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Scholarships offered at UNMC are provided by the University of Nebraska Foundation's fundraising efforts and a variety of private donors. Most awards are made based on merit or financial need. Scholarship Committees in each of the respective colleges and programs make recipient selections. Selections are not made by the Office of Financial Aid.

To complete the UNMC Scholarship Application, you must have a UNMC ID and Password. Once you have received your login information, we encourage you to submit your UNMC Scholarship Application through MyRecords. After logging in, click on "View My Financial Aid." In the links menu, click on "Apply for Scholarships" and follow the instructions provided. The Scholarship Application deadline is May 1 or 30 days after you are accepted by your academic program.

Complete the UNMC Scholarship Application

The application will be requested on an annual basis and is assigned to your To Do List and will remain on the list until it is completed. Scholarships are awarded by the academic programs, not the Office of Financial Aid. Eligibility is determined each year based on your prior year academic performance, leadership skills, and donor specific criteria (i.e., junior medical student, senior nursing student). If a UNMC Scholarship Application is not on file, your name will be included on scholarship rosters; however, your program may not consider you for scholarship without an application being on file. Additionally, the UNMC Scholarship Application collects donor-specific criteria that is not collected on other application materials.

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UNMC Scholarship Information

Determine student eligibility for college scholarships, review the annual award schedule, and fulfill expectations for receiving scholarships.

Nebraska Career Scholarship

Newly admitted UNMC undergraduate students who are Nebraska residents may be eligible for up to $10,000 per year from the Nebraska Career Scholarship. The UNMC Scholarship Application must be completed to be eligible for the award. This program, established by Gov. Pete Ricketts and approved by the Nebraska Legislature in August 2020, allocates $2 million annually to the University of Nebraska for new scholarships for undergraduate students in high-demand fields, which includes all UNMC undergraduate programs. UNMC colleges select the recipients for these scholarship funds.

Renewal Criteria

The Nebraska Career Scholarship is renewable for up to one year for UNMC students and is renewed at the same value as received in the previous academic year. To be eligible for renewal, students must maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA and successfully complete 30 credit hours each academic year (fall/spring). Students must also complete a Nebraska-based clinical experience prior to their second year at UNMC.


Students transferring to UNMC may be eligible to retain their Nebraska Career Scholarship from the awarding institution, but the award amount may differ based upon available funding. Please email finaid@unmc.edu if you currently receive a Nebraska Career Scholarship at UNL, UNO, or UNK.


University of Nebraska and UNMC Scholarships

Davis-Chambers Scholarship

The Davis-Chambers Scholarship recognizes academically promising students from diverse backgrounds who often find the financial requirements of Postsecondary education a major obstacle. Students who have knowledge and experience in a diverse environment or community are encouraged to apply. Learn more about this scholarship here. 

Students may submit their application/essays by mail or email.

Office of Financial Aid
984265 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-4265

UNMC Financial Aid Office

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Nebraska Legacy Scholarship

Nebraska Legacy scholarships are only available to undergraduate students. The nonresident portion of tuition may be fully, or partially, waived for any undergraduate nonresident student of UNMC who is a child of a University of Nebraska graduate. Legacy scholars must meet the eligibility standards established by their UNMC academic program.

The Nebraska Legacy Scholarship awarded by one campus of the University is not transferable to another campus of the University. However, a student who enrolls as a Legacy Scholarship student at one campus of the University may qualify for a Legacy Scholarship at another campus of the University if he/she meets the scholarship criteria for new transfer students specified in the rules of the campus to which the student is transferring. A UNMC Legacy Scholarship Application will be provided to those who self-identify their legacy status on the UNMC Scholarship Application.

Non-Resident Tuition Scholarship

Tuition scholarships, for an amount up to the difference between resident and non-resident tuition, may be offered to selected students who are not residents of Nebraska. Recipients and award amounts are determined by the academic programs. For questions, please email your college or program contact listed above.

Regent Scholarship – Nebraska Residents Only

Awards are generally made to students with high academic achievement. These scholarships are determined by the academic program and are not automatically renewable. This award does not require a separate application. For questions, please email your college or program contact listed above.

Regent Transfer Scholarship – First Year Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Regent scholars, transferring to UNMC from another University of Nebraska institution, who have not exhausted their scholarship eligibility, may have credit hours from their scholarship available to be applied to the first year of tuition at UNMC. Students must contact the Financial Aid Office at their current institution to determine their remaining eligibility. The awarding campus Financial Aid Office will provide the UNMC Scholarship Coordinator with the details regarding your remaining eligibility. The Regents transfer scholarship will be applied to the students account based on the rate of tuition from the previous institution. For questions regarding a Regent Transfer Scholarship, please email finaid@unmc.edu.

Susan Thompson Buffett Scholarship – Undergraduate, First Degree Only Students

Students transferring to UNMC from another University of Nebraska institution, who have eligibility under the guidelines of the Buffett scholarship, should notify the Susan Thompson Buffet Foundation of their transfer to UNMC. The Buffett Foundation will advise UNMC of the student's remaining eligibility. The maximum Buffett UNMC scholarship award includes the book allowance. UNMC does not provide book vouchers to recipients. For questions, please email finaid@unmc.edu.

A piece of paper with the words "Thank You" and a pen sit on a table

Thank You Notes

Thank you notes to scholarship donors are very meaningful, and can play an integral part of the fundraising efforts by the University of Nebraska Foundation.

Scholarship - FAQs

How do I apply for scholarships?

The UNMC Scholarship application is available on your Financial Aid To Do List. All students are asked to complete the application on an annual basis. The deadline to submit an application is May 1st or 30 days after acceptance.

Are UNMC scholarships renewable?

UNMC merit (academic) and need based scholarships are awarded annually. Each UNMC academic program establishes their own scholarship awarding criteria and process. Students are notified, by their academic program, of their scholarship selection. The Office of Financial Aid packages federal, state, and institutional loan/grant aid after the academic programs have selected their scholarship recipients.

Why did I receive/not receive a scholarship?

Each UNMC college has their own scholarship committee. These college/program scholarship committees select their program scholarship recipients. The Office of Financial Aid does not award academic or need based scholarships to students. Please contact your college at the links at the top of this page to inquire about their scholarship selection policies and procedures.

How are outside scholarships processed at UNMC?

All students receiving outside scholarship awards need to notify the Office of Financial Aid to insure the scholarship is properly credited to the student's account. We may have to adjust financial aid in accordance with federal regulations. Outside scholarship checks (or letters of scholarship offers) should be sent to:

Karen Freeman, Scholarship Coordinator
University of Nebraska Medical Center
984265 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-4265

I am a nonresident student; does UNMC offer scholarships to nonresident students?

Each UNMC program is provided a limited pool of funds annually for the purpose of awarding nonresident scholarships to students. The pool of funds varies from year to year. The academic programs determine the value of the scholarship; the renewal criteria; and the award recipients. These scholarships are generally awarded during the annual scholarship awarding cycle. Academic and need based scholarships are awarded based on donor specific criteria. If an academic/need based scholarship is not restricted to Nebraska residents, the academic program may award an academic or need based scholarship to a qualified nonresident student.

How should I submit thank you notes for my scholarship(s)?

Thank you notes should be submitted to via email to finaid@unmc.edu Attn: Karen

Please submit thank you notes in a PDF or Word Document. Do not submit a photo taken from a cell phone. Additional information regarding thank you notes can be found here.