Generation of Transgenic Mouse

Transgenic Mouse

MGE core

  • Construct design expertise
  • Construct generation
  • DNA preparation
  • Pronuclear microinjection
  • Genotyping
  • Embryo transfer and generation of pups; tail clip
  • Transfer of founder transgenic mice and littermates as controls to PI laboratory
  • Advice on breeding strategies and strain maintenance

MGE Core or PI laboratory

  • Construct generation
  • Development of genotyping assay
  • Preparation of injection DNA
  • DNA preparation; Genotyping to identify transgenic founder animals
  • Analysis of transgenic mice

Transgenic Mice - the fine print…injection

Responsibility for genotyping by 20 days of age, lies solely with the Investigator. MGE expects genotyping to be completed before the animals are weaned (20 days of age). Identified founder animals (together with a few negative animals as controls) are transferred to the Investigator. In case genotyping information is not available within a week of weaning, all animals will be transferred to the Investigator.