University of Nebraska Medical Center

Archive Lunch & Learn Seminars Prior to 2021


October 2019
The Physics of a Successful Career
Keynote Presenter:  Merry Lindsey, PhD
Event Materials: March 2019
Marketing Yourself for a Successful Career
Keynote Presenter:  Merry Lindsey, PhD
Event Materials: February 2018
Interviewing Skills:  How to Nail Your Next Interview
Keynote Presenter: H. Dele Davies, MD
Event Materials: September 2017
How to Prepare for (and Land) a Great Postdoc Position in Biomedical Research
Keynote Presenter:  Pamela Carmines, PhD
Event Materials:


September 2020
Communicating Science to a Lay Audience
Keynote Presenter:  Adam Case, PhD
Event Materials: January 2020
F30 & F31 First Federal Fellowship Funding:  Front to Fruition
Keynote Presenter:  R. Lee Mosley, PhD
Event Materials: November 2019
Impactful Networking Strategies for Quiet Leaders
Keynote Presenter:  Laurie Baedke, MHA
Event Materials: February 2019
Difficult Conversations & Conflict Resolution:  Small Changes, Big Results
Keynote Presenter:  Amanda Guidero, PhD
Event Materials: September 2018
Professional Communications:  Email and Beyond
Keynote Presenter:  Karen Gould, PhD
Event Materials: March 2018
Audience Analysis:  Preparing Presentations for Effective Listening and Learning
Keynote Presenter:  Deb Smith-Howell, PhD
Event Materials: January 2018
Networking Skills
Keynote Presenter:  Belinda Vacanti, BSBA
Event Materials: November 2017
Professional Survival:  Dealing with a Difficult Boss or Balancing the Demands of Two Bosses
Keynote Presenter:  Giovanni Jones, MEd
Event Materials:


February 2020
Personal Finance & Risk Management:  A Process to Last a Lifetime
Keynote Presenter:  John Marshall, CRM (Silverstone Group) & Ross Polking, MBA (Foster Group
Event Materials:

Organizational Skills

October 2020
Psychological Safety
Keynote Presenter:  Victoria Kennel, PhD
Event Materials: April 2019
Rethinking Workplace Behaviors & Expectations:  The NIH & NSF Confront Harassment in Academia
Keynote Presenter:  Carmen Sirizzotti, MBA & Deb Vetter, MS
Event Materials: January 2019
Workplace Competencies:  Building and Maintaining Trust Through Inclusive Daily Practices
Keynote Presenter:  Jessi Hitchins, PhD
Event Materials: April 2019
Panel Discussion:  Life/Work Balance
Keynote Presenter:  Andrew Dudley, PhD, Karen Gould, PhD, Jennifer Black, PhD & Amar Singh, PhD
Event Materials: October 2017
Professional Survival:  Get Control of Your Life
Keynote Presenter:  Peggy Jones, MFA
Event Materials:


September 2019
Teaching Skills:  What's the Point of Learning Objectives?
Keynote Presenter:  Karen Honeycutt
Event Materials:


November 2020
Wellness in the Time of Covid
Keynote Presenter:  Steven Wengel, MD
Event Materials: November 2018
Overcoming the Bully Brain
Keynote Presenter:  Jonathon Sikorski, PhD
Event Materials: October 2018
How to Combat the Amygdala Hijack
Keynote Presenter:  Steven Wengel, MD & Jonathon Sikorski, PhD
Event Materials: