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Program Information


Unlike other UNMC graduate programs, students enrolled in the Applied Behavior Analysis PhD program complete their dissertation proposal as their Comprehensive Exam. Students also choose between a grant proposal or review paper, both of which include a written product and oral exam.

Students enrolled in the Applied Behavior Analysis PhD program complete:

  • Eight didactic courses
  • Three years of practicum 
  • Three oral exams, each of which also include a written portion:
    • Dissertation proposal (comprehensive exam)
    • Choice between a grant exam or review paper exam
    • Dissertation defense

Schedule a Tour

We acknowledge that visiting a site can help with making a decision to accept or decline an offer. We also acknowledge that traveling to various programs can be costly and can create an unfair advantage for those who have the expenses to make the trip. Thus, to create a more equitable admissions process, we limit campus visits to after admissions decisions have been made for a given application cycle.

Please email Dr. Nicole Rodriguez to set up a tour. In your email, please indicate:

  1. Whether your application materials have been submitted,
  2. Which departments you are interested in touring,
  3. Which faculty you are interested in meeting, and
  4. A general time frame of availability for the tour.

Zoom Open House

To learn more about our program, we invite you to join us for a Zoom Open House. This is an open forum session that provides general program information about our PhD program as well as an opportunity for you to meet our faculty. Complete this form to sign up for a Zoom Open House.

Faculty are also often available to meet via Zoom prior to admissions decisions; we encourage you to contact faculty that you are potentially interested in working with directly.